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060-EA Mega Pack

Starting today, the 060-EA Mega Pack is available for purchase! Enjoy 16 Custom Reskins: 8 Freight, 8 Passenger with different cabins each. Purchase

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WebSite Update

RO: Venim in intampinarea live-ului din aceasta seara cu un update major la rutele de pe site alaturi de noi pachete de infrastructura. Astfel cele trei versiuni de Valea Oltului vor fi gasite intr-un singur produs si anume Valea Oltului Mega Route. Pentru cei care au cumparat Valea Oltului V3.0, aceasta noutate

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Our catalog contains add-ons that are made to work in Dovetail Games Train Simulator.
In order to use them, you first need to own the base game, which is available on Steam.

OK, what's next?

Once you have the base game up and running and acquired the add-ons that are of interest to you from our catalog, you will need to install them in the game.
You can find out how to install content, drive trains, use the editor and many other interesting things that Train Simulator and our addons offer by visiting the tutorials section

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