Semnalizarea Luminoasa Integrala v2

Semnalizarea Luminoasa Integrala v2

A new version (v2) of Integral Light Signaling has been published on the site

This new version makes the following changes:

  • The signals are now freeware;
  • Plates with marks were added (X, Y, I, II, III, IV, Pr, Bl, etc);
  • LOD (Level of Detail) and winter mode were done;
  • New variations that were missing in the entire signaling;
  • TMV signals have LED lighting;
  • New maneuvering signals;
  • Refurbish to DTV Indicators and Repeaters;
  • DTV speed indicators;
Alexandru Spiridon

Alexandru Spiridon

Membru Echipa RailStudio Romania - Scripting & Modelare 3D & Reskinuri

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