Romanian Assets Pack

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Romanian Assets Pack

Romanian Assets Pack includes everything you need to build a route from beginning to end. Starting from scenery objects such as houses, cars, vegetation, industry, roads, paths… ending with infrastructure elements, for example: rails, bridges, scenery wagons, scenery locomotives and many more.

Special thanks go to authors!

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This is user generated content designed for use with DoveTail Games Limited’s train simulation products (TS20xx).

RailStudio is not responsible for any damage caused from the use of these files.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute packages or any part outside the site

The assests included in this pack can be used in freeware and payware routes as well.

RailStudio reserves the right to change, modify or update the assets included in this pack, without a prior notice.

Alexandru Spiridon

Alexandru Spiridon

Membru Echipa RailStudio Romania - Modelare 3D & Reskins

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