Mega Pack 060-DA #2 has been released

Mega Pack 060-DA #2 has been released

  • I smell some serious diesel power around here!
    The the long-awaited moment has arrived, Mega Pack 060-DA #2 has been released on RailStudio website!
    We are waiting for your screenshots on our facebook group! Enjoy!


  •  Faithful model to reality with realistic textures
  • 3D cabins specific to locomotives
  • Advanced functions: KD2 lock, INDUSI, Special smoke for starting and then depending on speed, Internal cooling water temperature control, IVMS and Hasler with functional clock, doors, sunshades and animated windows, operating lamps, end train plate, etc.
  • 12 locomotives5 for the traction of passenger trains, 5 for the traction of freight trains + the 2 basic locomotives
  • 7 new cabins with various variations and functionalities
  • Scripted ISDC on-board computer with complex functionalities – digital display of controller position, RPM, main generator voltage, amps and motor voltage
  • Functional ICL – simulates date, time and fleet number of the locomotive
  • New light sources for lighting on-board instruments, dimming light for speedometer from the + and – keys on the numpad
  • Light sources for bogie lighting – activation from the F8 key
  • Variations to the exterior 3D model for a greater diversity – double-glazed windows, secondary suspension with coil springs, extended chassis for the 800 series, air conditioning ceiling
  • New dedicated sounds for horns and whistles H & J keys
  • New animated elements in the cabin – windows, sunshade, station
  • Class 65 implementation – with a maximum speed of 140 km / h
  • New 3D models for train drivers – Gicu & Dorel
  • Winter mode – snowy locomotives
  • View train length and tonnage – by pressing the Shift + 5 key combination

P.S. Also the other 060-DA products on our diesel page section have been updated to a new version, please re-download and install them in your game!

Alexandru Spiridon

Alexandru Spiridon

Membru Echipa RailStudio Romania - Scripting & Modelare 3D & Reskinuri

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