060-EA Pack v1.1 update

As we said a few days ago, the new version of the 060-EA locomotive is now available. This new package has been upgraded to v1.1 and involves several improvements and bug fixes and a new reskin

– various improvements of 3D models and textures
– cabview version with no IPCS
– custom cabview for 42-0302-2
– a new engine 40-0317-4 has been added for freight trains
– a new horn for 40-0317-4 and 41-0724-9
– sound for INDUSI alarm
– minimum value for line voltage raised to 24,5 kV
– the DSV light on the board will turn on 3s before the alarm sound occurs
– sound improvements for higher speeds
– New “Hot” engine versions have been added, allowing you to start a scenario with the engine ready to go, without the startup procedure. You only need to turn on Compressor, Ventilation and unlock the Train Brake lever (KD2) by inserting and turning the key.
– The OnResume function has been implemented allowing you to continue a saved scenario, with the engine running at the same state it was when you made the save.
Bug fixes:
– lowering pantograph from the engine room with the use of its valve, will now disconnect the circuit breaker, thus cutting the power to the engine.
– the radio station is no longer working without the battery turned on.
– the recovery of the line voltage is correctly displayed on its dashboard
– the auxiliar compressor can no longer be turned on if the pressure is higher than 8 bars
– the needles of the ammeters (engine and dynamic braking) are now synchronous to the amps produced.
– the engine is no longer ready to go as long as the handbrake is not fully released (both cab ends)
– the field weakening (SC) positions of the controller now work properly (the tap changer no longer has its value increased)

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