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WebSite Update

Venim in intampinarea live-ului din aceasta seara cu un update major la rutele de pe site alaturi de noi pachete de infrastructura.
Astfel cele trei versiuni de Valea Oltului vor fi gasite intr-un singur produs si anume Valea Oltului Mega Route. Pentru cei care au cumparat Valea Oltului V3.0, aceasta noutate vine doar ca un update. Pentru persoanele care au achizitionat versiunile mai vechi de Valea Oltului, acestea pot fi downloadate in continuare.
Acest lucru este valabil atat la Ruta Baragan cat si la Balota – Orsova – Caransebes.
De asemnea, Romanian Asset Pack a primit un update major, pe aceasta cale va rugam sa instalati ultima versiune de Asset Pack, pentru functionare fara probleme a rutelor de pe site si cel mai important inainte de instalare in folderul provider-ului RailStudio stergeti urmatoarele subfoldere: Scenery, RailNetwork si Infrastructure. Dupa instalarea noului Asset Pack trebuiesc instalate toate pachetele din sectiunea Infrastructure. Daca ati urmat toti pasii, rutele vor functiona fara probleme.
Versiunea 6.0 de Romanian Asset Pack va ramane valabila pe site cu denumirea OLD pentru o perioda limitata, in vederea acomodarii cu noile pachete.
Daca intampinati probleme nu ezitati sa ne contactati pe pagina de Facebook sau la adresa noastra de contact.
Ruta Baragan va ramane momentan indisponibila pana la lansarea acesteia.
Multumim pentru atentia acordata si spor la download!
We welcome this evening’s live with a major update to the routes on the site along with new infrastructure packages.
Thus, the three versions of Valea Oltului will be found in a single product, namely Valea Oltului Mega Route. For those who bought Valea Oltului V3.0, this news comes only as an update. For the people who purchased the older versions of Valea Oltului, they can still be downloaded. This applies both to the Baragan Route and to Balota – Orsova – Caransebes.
Also, Romanian Asset Pack has received a major update, in this way please install the latest version of Asset Pack, for trouble-free operation of the routes on the site and most importantly, before installation in the RailStudio provider folder, delete the following subfolders : Scenery, RailNetwork and Infrastructure. After installing the new Asset Pack, all packages from the Infrastructure section must be installed. If you have followed all the steps, the routes will work without problems.
Version 6.0 of the Romanian Asset Pack will remain valid on the website with the name OLD for a limited period, in order to accommodate the new packages.
If you encounter problems, do not hesitate to contact us on the Facebook page or at our contact address.
The Baragan route will remain temporarily unavailable until its launch.
Thank you for your attention and boost the download!
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Baragan Mega Route including the new mainline Faurei – Urziceni are now Available!

Starting today, the Baragan Mega Route including Faurei – Urziceni mainline is available on the site!

The “Baragan” route has a total length of 192km and includes the mainline M700 Galati – Faurei – Urziceni and L702 Faurei – Buzau. The line travels through the straightest and largest plains in Romania, having both electrified and non-electrified lines.

The most important stations are: Galati, Faurei, Buzau and Urziceni.

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Valea Prahovei Route (Brasov – Ploiesti Sud) is now available!

Starting today, the Valea Prahovei route (Brasov – Ploiesti Sud) is available on the site!

The “Valea Prahovei” route has a total length of 110km and includes the mainline M300 Brasov – Ploiesti Vest and M500 Ploiesti Vest – Ploiesti Sud, an electrified section that goes through the Carpathian Mountains. Prahova Valley is one of the most famous tourist regions in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, being located on the route of the Prahova River.

Prahova Valley is located in the southeastern part of Romania, northern Muntenia, in the upper and middle basin of the river with the same name, a tributary of the Ialomita. The most important station going from Brasov to Ploiesti Sud are: Predeal, Busteni, Sinaia, Campina and Ploiesti Vest.

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LDE 2100 EGM v1.0 is now available

With the occasion of the Easter holidays, the RailStudio Team wishes its whole community the best of thoughts and just as best of moments near the loved ones. Also, we hope that we can bring our contribution to the wellbeing of these days, bringing you, after long anticipation, the newest locomotive produced by us: LDE 2100 EGM.

The long waiting is not groundless. We’ve made sure to offer you the most advanced simulation of this locomotive until present time, regardless of the previous train simulators. We propose to you the most detailed 3D model (both in exterior and interior), real HQ textures, an advanced real interior, an engine simulation recreated with real traction values and real recorded sounds.

Also, the locomotive is compatible with RailDriver technology, and it benefits from a custom AI behaviour, it has real electric panels and starting sequence, has a multiple traction control cable, real train heating behaviour, real EM200 and ICL displays with full functionality, real behaviour on all of the analog gauges, real and dynamic exhaust behaviour and a real and dynamic safety system (DSV/SIFA/INDUSI i60). The rest of the features can be viewed in the manual that comes with the locomotive.

As you may notice, this locomotive brings a new beginning to our website and to our future approaches. We thank you for you continued loyalty! We hope to repay it, for we are but at a beginning of a new series of releases!

Happy Holidays,

The RailStudio Team

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060-EA Pack v1.1 update

As we said a few days ago, the new version of the 060-EA locomotive is now available. This new package has been upgraded to v1.1 and involves several improvements and bug fixes and a new reskin

– various improvements of 3D models and textures
– cabview version with no IPCS
– custom cabview for 42-0302-2
– a new engine 40-0317-4 has been added for freight trains
– a new horn for 40-0317-4 and 41-0724-9
– sound for INDUSI alarm
– minimum value for line voltage raised to 24,5 kV
– the DSV light on the board will turn on 3s before the alarm sound occurs
– sound improvements for higher speeds
– New “Hot” engine versions have been added, allowing you to start a scenario with the engine ready to go, without the startup procedure. You only need to turn on Compressor, Ventilation and unlock the Train Brake lever (KD2) by inserting and turning the key.
– The OnResume function has been implemented allowing you to continue a saved scenario, with the engine running at the same state it was when you made the save.
Bug fixes:
– lowering pantograph from the engine room with the use of its valve, will now disconnect the circuit breaker, thus cutting the power to the engine.
– the radio station is no longer working without the battery turned on.
– the recovery of the line voltage is correctly displayed on its dashboard
– the auxiliar compressor can no longer be turned on if the pressure is higher than 8 bars
– the needles of the ammeters (engine and dynamic braking) are now synchronous to the amps produced.
– the engine is no longer ready to go as long as the handbrake is not fully released (both cab ends)
– the field weakening (SC) positions of the controller now work properly (the tap changer no longer has its value increased)
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Valea Oltului v3.0 (Râmnicu Vâlcea – Vâlcele – Pitești / Curtea de Argeș) Route Extension is now available

Valea Oltului (Râmnicu Vâlcea – Vâlcele – Pitești / Curtea de Argeș) is now available! The DLC has a length of 80 kilometers + the 175 kilometers from Mediaș to Băbeni which are already launched. The extension is available only for those who have already purchased the Olt Valley (Sibiu – Băbeni) plus Olt Valley (Sibiu – Mediaș)

The Râmnicu Vâlcea – Vâlcele – Pitești / Curtea de Argeș section (L219 + L906) represents a route located in the south of Romania that connects 2 important cities, Curtea de Argeș and Pitești. On this route all stations and stops are included in between the three localities:  Râmnicu Vâlcea – Vâlcele – Pitești / Curtea de Argeș. Also 2 other turistic routes was recreated (Sibiu-Cisnadie & Lotru-Brezoi). Total route length is about ~300km

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M900 Balota – Orșova – Caransebes (V1.0) is now available

Balota – Caransebeş v1.0 is a prototypical route, built by RailStudio team, for TS2021/TS2022, using DEM, Google Maps overlay and hundreds of custom 3D objects. All station buildings along this route have been recreated for the game as well as many other landmarks.
Mainline 900 is one of the oldest lines in Romania, opened in 1878 and 1879, connecting the capital Bucharest with the western city of Timisoara, passing through Craiova, Orşova and Caransebeş. The main stations on the TS2021 route are Caransebeş, Băile Herculane, Orşova, Drobeta Turnu Severin and Balota. The route includes also the industrial line to Halânga Power Plant.

Before playing, please read the manual

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060-EA Pack v1.0 is now available

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here!
All clear for the gorgeous classical EA! This autumn we bring you not one, nor two, but 3 060-EA jewels.
Hundreds of hours of documentation, scripting, modeling and testing bring you today on the most accurate reproduction of an EA locomotive in the simulator.
  • Unique driving experience;
  • Most advanced 3D model;
  • HQ real textures;
  • Advanced real classic interior with engine room and specific cabs;
  • Engine simulation recreated after real traction curve;
  • Real recorded sounds.
Important! For the best experience, please read first the user manual and startup procedure! Being the first version, any feedback from you is welcomed for further updates!
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