“Bărăgan” Route v1.1 is a prototypical route between Brăila and Făurei (CFR Mainline 700), built for TS2020, using DEM, Google Maps overlay and custom 3D objects. All station buildings along this route have been recreated for the game as well as many other landmarks.

Mainline 700 is one of CFR’s main lines in Romania having a total length of 229 km. The line, connecting Bucharest with the Moldavian border at Giurgiuleşti, passes through the important cities Urziceni, Făurei, Brăila and Galaţi.

The main stations on this TS2020 route are Brăila and Făurei. The route includes also Braila Port, an area where a lot of freight shunting takes place and Railway Testing Center Făurei
Brăila railway station, which was opened in 1872, is noticeable due to freight transport.
At the other end of this TS2020 route, the city of Făurei, has been the site of a railway testing center since 1978, Railway Testing Center Făurei, included in this route.

Braila Port is one of the largest ports at the Danube River, dating back to medieval times. The port is an important source of revenue for the city because many large international companies have established there.The Railway Testing Center Făurei, 13,7km long, built in 1978 and modernized between 2003-2008, offers the possibility to perform dynamic testing of rail vehicles with a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

This double track electrified railway passing through a beautiful plains landscape has several other larger stations along its 60 km length. The railway is operated by multiple passenger and freight companies.

This route includes 10 passenger & freight sessions.

For instructions and more details, please check the Manual of the route (included in the .rwp file)

John – infrastructure, signaling, sessions
Okhiu’ – scenery, 3D objects, sessions

Special thanks to:
Mitza – CFR Tracks & CFR Classic Catenary System
Dorin & Desiro256– 3D station buildings & textures
HaskyMan – objects, 3D station buildings & textures
Remus – CFR Signals
Empyro – CFR 040EC, CFR Marfa Wagons
R936 – CFR Calatori Coaches

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