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CFR 43 2.1 RO.pdf

CFR 43 2.1 EN.pdf


Changelog for v 2.1 :

–  Added light sources on cab instrument lights ;

–  Remodelled headlights ;

– 4 reskins made by various authors ;

–  Updated sounds (inside and outside);

–  Inactive default status of safety systems. PZB (“Ctrl + Num Enter”) and SIFA (“Shift + Num Enter) can be switched on/of individually;

–  Active default status of parking brake (handbrake);

–  Added wiper speed control;

–  Animated external main switch;

–  Current on traction motors adjusted;

–  Locomotive responds to neutral zone (section) of the Catenary. Main switch must be off in order to pass the neutral zone sign (signal included in SEMNALIZAREA ROMANEASCA);

–  Changed and added keys to input mapper.



Includes :

  • Realistic battery behaviour
  • Realistic reverser behaviour
  • Realistic PZB train rank / braking behaviour
  • Pantograph selector
  • Realistic throttle control
  • Realistic train brake (Knorr D2) behaviour
  • PZB (I60R)
  • SIFA (changed behaviour to make driving easier)
  • Locomotive responding to neutral zone (section) while passing over the specific signal
  • Specific traction blower behaviour
  • Animated main switch
  • Specific hornsound
  • AI sounds and headlights usage

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