L412 Jibou - Zalău - Sărmășag

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Version: 1.0
Provider: RailStudio
Category: Routes

This route is a faithful reproduction of the real line 412, the section Jibou – Zalău Nord – Sărmășag. The route contains several standard scenarios, freeroam and quick drive, but these will be completed later by other packages. The Zalău Nord – Jibou section has classic BLA signals, while Zalău Nord – Sărmășag uses semaphores. Pay attention in the area of Borla Hm station as there are 2 speed limits equipped with permanent 2000Hz inductors. The maximum speed on the Zalău Nord – Jibou section is 50 km/h, while on the Zălau Nord – Sărmășag section it is 80 km/h.

In order to function properly, the following assets are required:

  • The free assets available on our website: Check catalog
  • European Asset and Loco Pack: Buy
  • US Asset and Loco Pack: Buy

For instructions regarding the installation of this addon, please refer to our Tutorials section.

Product reviews

5 reviews for L412 Jibou – Zalău – Sărmășag

  1. HZ1061_005

    I cannot download it, in the Utilities, because it doesnt show me the file, even if it’s in some folder. Im playing on TS2021.

  2. Lucas

    Buna ziua! Eu tot nu am inteles ce trebuie sa fac ca sa pot introduce ruta in joc. De instalat am instalat-o, dar nu stiu cum sa o introduc in joc.

  3. victormikhailov

    Lovely route, I never been there, but it looks very authentic, with many custom objects, signals, greenery, and attention to small details. Also, to my surprise, signalling looks exactly the same as in Ukraine or Russia, with familiar aspects “two yellow” (diverge and stop), or “two yellow upper flashing” (diverge and proceed). Scenarios provided with the route are quite enjoyable, but they require huge number of rolling stock downloaded and installed (almost all freight cars and carriages from this site plus some extra payware add-ons from other sources).

  4. support@bethlehemhosting.co.za

    This is a very very awesome route indeed, I love it. Top quality and surely one of the best routes available. Thanks so much to the Developer, you did a awesome job of this route.

  5. emanuelciornila06@gmail.com

    Foarte frumoasa ruta !la cat mai multe

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