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  • LDH18 Pack: Buy
  • 060-DA Pack #1: Buy
  • 060-DA Pack #2: Buy
  • 060-DA Freight Pack: Buy
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  • Desiro VT642 (from RSSLO): Buy
  • Romanian Desiro Reskins: Download
  • Steam Locomotive DB BR 18 (from Eisenbahnwerk): Buy
  • Romanian Steam 231.000 Reskins: Download

We are pleased to present, just after approximately one year since the beginning of this project, and with the occasion of the coming Christmas, the new extension of the Teiuș – Alba Iulia – Cugir route, which from now on will be known as the Teiuș – Cugir – Deva route. The Șibot – Deva extension consists of 38 modernized kilometers, from which we could also find the railway node of Simeria (which is in modernization works right now in reality). Our interpretation of it in the simulator reflects the real project plans, but as the real construction works will go on, we will continue to update the station where it’s needed. The 38 kilometers are also joined by approximately 3-5 kilometers to the Simeria Triaj station (its sorting station being disabled, just like in real life). At the same time, Simeria has the Freight locomotive depot, freight car maintenance workshop and an engine shed, all of which are functioning in-game. Also, to name some other characteristics of the route, we will mention the modernized tunnel of Turdaș (which so far is unique on the Romanian routes in the simulator), the Săulești aerodrome, Deva Citadel (with a functioning gondola), the Aurel Vlaicu road sign, modernized stations and a line which permits the speed of 140 km/h (possibly with 160 km/h in the future).

In other words, the Aurel Vlaicu, Geoagiu, Orăștie, Pricaz, Turdaș, Simeria Veche, Simeria Triaj, Simeria and Deva are bringing us near to the 100 kilometers mark. It’s worth mentioning that the Săulești station is currently being removed in reality, which is why it wasn’t introduced into the route.

The route comes with a pack of nine scenarios, of which three are scenarios that were continued from the previous extension (eg. Teiuș – Șibot became Teiuș – Simeria). Some of the scenarios include sounds in the stations, or even a startup point while moving (IR 1835). Also, the route has a series of basic quick drive scenarios which allows you to journey from as much starting points as possible. As always, we are keen to receive your feedback, regardless of it being for scenarios or for the route itself.

The future of the route consists in a huge revamp of the infrastructure of the oldest part of the route; Teiuș – Alba Iulia. That problem was delayed so far for the reason of us wanting to reach Deva as soon as possible. Also, we will revisit some curves and junctions on the whole route. All of these will be followed by the next extension, which it will be Teiuș – Blaj – Copșa Mică. This will allow the partial unification of the route with Valea Oltului (with a shared station in Copșa Mică). If all goes to plan, we will be able to journey all the way from Pitești to Deva, în two separate sessions.

It’s worth mentioning that the people who donated, or the ones that actively helped us with essential information for the realization of this route will be rewarded with vouchers for this extension. We thank you, and we thank the whole community for the continued trust and support!

For instructions regarding the installation of this addon, please refer to our Tutorials section.

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1 review for M200 (Teius – Cugir – Deva)

  1. iasi1994 (verified owner)

    Super ruta si abia stept sa joc si pe urmatoarea extensie

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