040-EC Pack v2.5

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Product info

Version: 2.5
Provider: Developer
Product: Addon
Category: Locomotives

In order to function properly, make sure to delete the old version (found in [Railworks folder]/Assets/Developer/Addon/RailVehicles before the installation)

Note: With this version, all other previously created locomotives are no longer functional

The v2.5 update contains a pack of 20 reskins and several improvements, such as:

  • Support for RailDriver and INDUSI panel
  • Ability to reach 160km/h (for class 44 and 46)
  • Improved sounds
  • Improved various cab elements (timetable holder, radio, reverser, etc.)
  • Customizable timetable (Download) – if you want to change it, replace the texture from CabView/livret.TgPcDx
  • The parking brake is set by default – it must be released before departing
  • Better wipers
  • Animated circuit breaker
  • Adjusted traction current intensity
  • The locomotive responds to the neutral zone in the catenary packs from our website

Features include:

  • Battery control
  • Pantograph selector
  • Realistic controls
  • Realistic brakes
  • INDUSI + Selecatble train regime
  • DSV
  • Traction motors ventilation
  • Air compressor

For more details, please read the manual:

For instructions regarding the installation of this addon, please refer to our Tutorials section.

Product reviews

5 reviews for 040-EC Pack v2.5

  1. mihneadragos06@gmail.com

    Una dintre cele mai bune locomotive in Train simulator!

  2. alexandru.crianga@yahoo.com

    Felicitari pentru diverisficarea reskinurilor pentru aceasta locomotiva

  3. orzu221@gmail.com

    Va apreciez munca. Foarte tare!

  4. mocanu_ionut2012@yahoo.com

    10* Felicitari autorilor

  5. mocanu_ionut2012@yahoo.com

    Peste asteptari :))

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System Requirements


  • x64, multi-core processor, 3 GHz
  • Video card GTX560 (or equivalent), 1 GB of video memory
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB disk space (7200 RPM)


  • x64 quad-core processor,  3,4 GHz
  • Video card GTX770 (or equivalent), 2 GB of video memory
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB disk space (SSD)

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