Ruta Valea Prahovei (Brasov – Ploiesti Sud)

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Version: 1.0
Provider: RailStudio
Category: Routes

The Valea Prahovei Route has a total length of 110km and includes the line M300 Brasov – Ploiesti Sud, an electrified section that goes through the Carpathian Mountains. Prahova Valley is one of the most famous tourist regions in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, being located on the route of the Prahova River. Prahova Valley is located in the southeastern part of Romania, northern Muntenia, in the upper and middle basin of the river with the same name, a tributary of the Ialomita. The most important station going from Brasov to Ploiesti Sud are: Predeal, Busteni, Sinaia, Campina and Ploiesti Vest.

This pack includes a bonus of 19 AVA Passenger Cars.

In order for this route to work, you need to install the following packages: Catenara Clasica, Catenara Moderna, Romanian Signals Pack, Romanian Asset Pack.

The scenario pack can be found here.


For instructions regarding the installation of this addon, please refer to our Tutorials section.

Product reviews

8 reviews for Ruta Valea Prahovei (Brasov – Ploiesti Sud)

  1. victormikhailov (verified owner)

    The realism is fantastic, the best route ever exist in Train Simulator classic.
    -Vegetation. there’s no bare ground anywhere. grass, shrubs, bushes, trees.
    -Custom objects. Many objects made specially for this route. Buildings, bridges,
    -Potential for scenarios: 2 hours of driving from end to end for fast passenger trains, 3 hours for regional or freight. More than enough.
    Also, the performance is very decent with modern graphics card. I play with Geforce RTX 3070 and 3200×1800 resolution, with RW Enhancer Pro and AP Weather 2.0 weather effects visuals are stunning and performance is satisfactory.

  2. Edgar Helch (verified owner)

    It really is a beautiful route, and it would be even nicer if the assets of it were tided up, because even at 50-60 fps there are constant reloading microstutters, which spoil the fun of driving here. Ultimately, the route is not finished, there are still placeholders (milk bottles) lying around on the bridges in the middle of the rails and, as I said, the asset structure would have to be optimized. I hope for a version 1.1 in which this is done. Otherwise it would be sad for this very beauty route. Again: 4 Stars for the Route and 5 Stars for the cleaned V1.1 that should come…..

  3. GMTFOOHN (verified owner)

    Outstanding route. The attention to detail is amazing. I have never been to Romania but I feel as if I have now after driving along this.
    Thanks for all the effort that has been put into this labour of love.

  4. jmvdbroek (verified owner)

    route looks great, but i have two questions:
    *i keep missing some wagons in the scenarios, so i can not load them: is there a list available with the required asset packs (rolling stock) ?
    *will there be a quick drive scenario (in the future?)
    many thanks in advance,
    regards, Martijn

  5. WestFrankenBahn (verified owner)

    A wonderful, highly detailed track. It’s really fun to drive. It is definitely one of the best train simulator tracks out there. Only a Quickdrive is missing.

  6. Edy Obretin (verified owner)


  7. Gabry (verified owner)

    Salutare am si eu o intrebare unde pot gasi aceste locomotive
    CFR Calatori 40-0775-9(cold)
    CFR Calatori 40-0801-7(cold)
    TRC 40-0308-9(hot)
    Multumesc astept un raspuns

  8. VolintirDenis (verified owner)

    O ruta care isi merita toti banii, pe langa faptul ca sunt 110 km prin munti ceea ce este foarte frumos, mai primim si vagoane ava, felicitari, ati facut o treaba fantastica!

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  • x64, multi-core processor, 3 GHz
  • Video card GTX560 (or equivalent), 1 GB of video memory
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB disk space (7200 RPM)


  • x64 quad-core processor,  3,4 GHz
  • Video card GTX770 (or equivalent), 2 GB of video memory
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB disk space (SSD)

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