Scenarios for Valea Oltului v1.0 (Sibiu – Băbeni)

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Product info

Version: 1.0
Provider: RailStudio
Category: Scenarios

The first pack of scenarios for Valea Oltului (Sibiu-Babeni) M200+L201

This pack includes 22 scenarios with Passengers and Freight trains

  • About 12 years ago
  • Coal Transport Sibiu-Rm Valcea part 1
  • Coal Transport Sibiu-Rm Valcea part 2
  • Coal Transport Sibiu-Rm Valcea part 3
  • Freight Râureni-Sibiu Yard
  • Maneuver Sibiu Yard
  • Gicu Story P1: Marfă pentru Băbeni
  • Gicu Story P2: Sodă și cisterne
  • IR 1521/1522 București-Păușa-București
  • IRN Budapesta-Constanța
  • La pupat de moaște
  • Maneuver G Cars Oltchim
  • Maneuver KS Cars Sibiu
  • Maneuver Tank Cars Oltchim
  • Military Transport Sibiu Yard-Râureni
  • R2064 Sibiu-Piatra Olt
  • R Miercurea Sibiului-Podu Olt-Miercurea Sibiului
  • IR1923 Mangalia-Sibiu
  • IR1924 Sibiu-Mangalia
  • R2068 Sibiu-Ramnicu Valcea
  • R625 Băbeni-Turnișor
  • FC Hermannstadt vs FC Oltchim

Last update 19.07.2020

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