Valea Oltului (Sibiu - Băbeni)

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Version: 1.0
Provider: RailStudio
Category: Routes

The waiting is over. The “Valea Oltului” (Olt Valley)  route is finally available on our website! Ride over 120 km of outstanding views, with dozens of custom-made stations and buildings and area specific activities. Discover all the features, try our scenarios or create your own rail adventures on one of the most beautiful routes in Romania. Enjoy!

The Sibiu – Băbeni section (M200 + L201) represents a route located in the heart of Romania that descends to south of the country, alternating the single and double non-electrified line. On this route all stations and stops are included in between the two localities: Turnișor – Sibiu – Tălmaciu – Podu Olt – Turnu Roșu – Câineni – Cornet – Lotru – Cozia – Călimănești – Râmnicu Vâlcea – Râureni – Govora – Băbeni.

Interactive industry: coal, cereals, caustic soda, chemicals, gas, packaged goods, fuel, containers.

Before playing, please read the manuals:

Note: The package does not contain any scenarios. These can be downloaded separately from the scenarios section

For instructions regarding the installation of this addon, please refer to our Tutorials section.

Product reviews

3 reviews for Valea Oltului (Sibiu – Băbeni)

  1. xAd_y (verified owner)

    I’ve never seen so much detail in a route before, everything is perfect just like real life!

    Good job Railstudio keep up the good work

  2. victormikhailov (verified owner)

    If you think Train Simulator is unrealistic and the future is in TSW, you should try this.
    I’m a user of TS since 2012, but I never have seen such high level of realism and authenticity.
    The route is super-detailed, with lots of greenery (no bare ground texture). Also, route builder paid a lot of attention to small details:
    -Abandoned or vandalized wagons on the stations
    -Trash-looking locomotives
    -Signalmen on the stations
    -Decommissioned (crossed-out) semaphores
    -Cars on the roads are typical for the area
    -People having barbeque or campfire
    -Fishermen on the bridge
    -All freight cars and carriages have sounds (and they are different, depending on wagon type)
    -All passenger carriages have passenger view, and you even can move inside from compartment to the corridor and back
    -Locomotives have detailed cabins, many functional switches and simulation of failures (ex. the engine can overheat)
    -Signals are clearly seen from big distance

    The route supplied with 22 scenarios of various kinds (passenger, freight, switching), which will give you probably a month of entertainment to finish them all.
    I rode on a freight train 2 hours from end to end with full immersion , feeling like I was a real train driver.
    Bravo to the route developers, you did outstanding job!

    video of my train ride and some stations on the route:

  3. Ace5667 (verified owner)

    Also ich finde die Strecke Top. Mein Herz ist in Rumänien und es ist ein schönes Gefühl diese Strecke zu fahren. Es ist alles mit sehr viel Details ausgearbeitet. Vor allem das Dapot und der Bahnhof Sibiu begeistern mich sehr. Hoffe ihr macht bald die Strecke Sibiu – Fagaras – Brasov oder Brasov – Sighisoara – Medias.

    Echt Top

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